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5.11.2016 | 20:53

Things have been a little … crazy lately.

Maybe it’s just the start of the holiday season.  (When did that happen???)


Or maybe it’s one of the wackiest election cycles in recent memory….

All I know is that it seems as though everyone I know is busy.

“Crazy-busy,” even.

Debra and I attended two weekend events within the space of a month or so.

Both events were great, but oh boy – we were in the midst of launching, creating and sharing our first online program.

Ah, the Divine timing of the Universe….

It’s certainly been a grand and exciting ride – we learned a lot at both events, and made many connections, some with old friends and some with new ones.

There has been a lot going on.

It’s been great, but I won’t lie – I’m a little bit tired, and I needed to take a few days off when we got back from the more recent trip.

Maybe that was because I was working pretty much non-stop the previous couple of weeks – making sure the modules for our program would be ready on time, catching up on my major online course, keeping up with the smaller ones….

Well, okay, maybe “keeping up” is a bit of a stretch, since I fell a bit behind while on the road.

But that’s all right.

I’ve learned a lot since last year, when I put ridiculous expectations on myself and had something of a meltdown. You can find that post here.

Now that’s an understatement….

I’m happy to say:  no meltdown this time.

Woman at Home Reading Book

And taking those few days to rest and reset – the only commitment I needed/wanted to honor was my biweekly meeting with one of my small mastermind groups (well worth attending, believe me) – has made a world of difference.

Here I am, back at the keyboard, writing blog posts and other articles….

Getting ready to record the audio for our next module….

Completing my journaling assignment for an online course that will finish up in another week….

Feeling grateful for all of the wonderful opportunities for growth that the Universe has been sending my way….

The reason I wanted to share all of this is because R&R is something we all tend to let fall by the wayside.

We’re all so busy, and we tend to make more commitments than we can handle sometimes.

It’s as though we know that “No” is a complete sentence, but we feel so guilty when we refuse something we really want to do so we can take the time for something we really need to do.

For instance, one of my more absolute boundaries is around sleep.


Sure, I don’t always get enough – intentionally or otherwise – but I make an effort to maximize my sleep as regularly as possible.  I’ll make exceptions, but it has to be for something extremely important to me.

At our recent event, I passed on the evening sessions and on the early morning qigong – not because I wasn’t interested, but because I wasn’t sleeping well in the hotel and needed some downtime.

A friend asked where I had been, and when I told her, her response was “Oh.  Good for you for focusing on your self-care.”

We all need to do more of that – how often do we make plans with friends because we don’t want to disappoint them, even though we’re desperate for some quiet time alone?

I’ve learned to say “No” more often.


And there’s a really good reason for that:

By saying “No” to the things that aren’t really serving me and my needs, I’m able to say “Yes!” to the things that really, truly matter most to me.

This is a very important re-frame, because it helps us realize that we’re not just being party-poopers or buzzkills.

There’s a reason for it.

One of the things that stuck in my head when I read all of the Sherlock Holmes stories years ago was the idea of a “brain attic.”

There’s only so much room in our busy brains, and if we keep filling them up with unimportant junk, the important stuff that we really want to retain will slowly leak out….

It’s not just information, knowledge, facts and figures, though, right?

Sometimes our emotional brains just get too overloaded with baggage and stuff, don’t they?

And sometimes we need to take a day or two … or three … and process all of that “stuff.”

Kind of a “reboot,” if you like.  A rest & reset….

I am so grateful that I took the time to do that this week – it helped me be far more ready to tackle the upcoming workload, call schedule, etc.

I have a lot I want to accomplish, not just this week but in the weeks to come.

And let’s face it:  Ready or not, the holidays are here.


“Winter is coming,” indeed….

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