July 2016

Sea Goddess Salad

27.7.2016 | 23:10 | Read article

This week I’m sharing a tasty salad option good for hot weather.  And as most folks in the States can attest, it’s been an impressively…

Learning to Swim

22.7.2016 | 00:36 | Read article

I used to have some interesting “secret identities.” A while back, as a writer of Young Adult fantasy novels, I called myself “The Fairy CatMother.” …

Stretching Boundaries

11.7.2016 | 23:00 | Read article

Uh-oh, I’m doing it again…. I’m stretching the boundaries of my comfort zone. I took a big step this weekend. It was a small thing,…

Curried Cabbage

6.7.2016 | 22:47 | Read article

Ah, cooked cabbage.  A food I pretty much hated as a child.  I liked coleslaw (Diane didn’t even like that!) well enough, but cooked?  Nope….

(Sleeping) Beauty & the Beast

4.7.2016 | 22:50 | Read article

We hear a lot about the importance of sleep and what’s considered good sleep hygiene, so I’m not going to belabor that. No, what I…

Small Changes –> Big Results

2.7.2016 | 00:59 | Read article

I don’t even remember where our conversation started, but the other day, Debra and I were sitting at the dining room table and we were…