Ever-Growing Gratitude

10.6.2016 | 23:31

Yes, I know I’ve written about this before, but I thought it was time to take a break from nutrition, diet and all things gluten-related and revisit the idea of gratitude.

Maybe because I’m feeling grateful for so much lately.

I’ve even started keeping a “Gratitude Journal,” although I admit I don’t remember to do it every single day.  It helps if it’s sitting on top of whatever stack it’s in….  (Out of sight, out of mind[fulness].)


So anyway, I’ve been really, really grateful lately, in spite of the recent challenges I’ve had.

Oh wait a minute … it’s those recent challenges for which I’m most grateful!!

As someone pointed out in one of my Facebook groups, the Universe wouldn’t send us these tremendous challenges if It didn’t have every confidence in our ability to handle them.

Hey, guess what?

The Universe has a very high opinion of my talents and skills!!

How cool is that?

First on the Gratitude List is my sister Debra.

How amazingly awesome is it to have your best friend and business partner just happen to be in the same body as your sibling?

Recipe Cooking.

Debra handles the technical aspects of our business – website, email list, all that fun stuff – and happens to be a whiz in the kitchen.  (Check out one of her recipe videos here and one of her delicious recipes here.)

Back in her pharmacy school days, she says she was told that pharmacists make great cooks.  She didn’t believe it at the time, but trust me – if you’re invited to dinner at our house, you want her to be doing most of the cooking….

Next up is … well, everything else, I guess.

I’m grateful for a gorgeous stretch of unseasonably cool weather this week, which made our morning walks so much more comfortable than they will be in the coming weeks.

I’m beyond grateful for the lovely bounty of fresh fruit and vegetables at our local Farmers’ Market – which is right up the street from our local co-op, making healthy shopping on Saturday mornings a breeze….

assorted types of lettuce on display

I’m even grateful for having the most cheerful (okay, maybe even silly) office space ever – I’ve got a lovely print of the late Alan Rickman as Professor Snape from the “Harry Potter” movies watching over me, and a growing collection of plushies, including a “talking” Bob the Minion.

Do you have any idea how nice it is to have Bob “laugh” at me during a stressful day here at the computer?

As the credit card ads say:  “Priceless.”

I’m extremely grateful to be living once again in the beautiful town where I went to college thirty years ago.  (OMG – I actually graduated from college thirty years ago last month!!)

This is a wonderfully walkable town, with phenomenal bus service – including local bus lines that are 100% free of charge.  For everyone, not just, say, seniors.

Library Books.

For a small yearly fee, we can even have access to all of the University libraries.  Our local library is right up the street from us – another excuse for a walk….

I think the last thing I’ll mention now is my mentors.

Over the past few years – has it only been two??? – I’ve had the opportunity to learn from some incredible teachers, and work with some tremendously motivating coaches.

I’ve learned so much, and even though I haven’t put all of the pieces together to figure out every challenge that comes along, I’m much better equipped to cope with them – and have the tools to dig deeper and explore my curiosity….

Not to mention the love and support that comes along as part of the package in some of these close-knit communities – virtual or otherwise.

Oh yeah … those challenges….

You know what?

That’s going to have to wait for another time.  I’ve been so busy counting my blessings that I didn’t even have time to fit those in!

I am really grateful for that….



  1. Cherie
    June 11, 2016 | 5:00 pm

    Nice reminder of how important being grateful is, thanks. One thing I’m grateful for is you, Debra and our tribe being part of my life now!

    • daletchworth
      June 11, 2016 | 11:00 pm

      Cherie, Diane and I are equally grateful for you and the rest of our growing tribe.

  2. Jace
    June 11, 2016 | 5:39 pm

    Attitude of Gratitude. I am grateful. Thank you.

    • daletchworth
      June 11, 2016 | 11:00 pm

      Well put, Jace! 🙂

  3. Brad
    June 14, 2016 | 6:02 pm

    It’s quite amazing and underrated how gratitude can shift your mood and give much needed perspective. Reading this made me smile. Grateful! Thanks.

    • daletchworth
      June 15, 2016 | 12:00 am

      It doesn’t matter how mundane or silly things are for which we’re thankful, either. Thank YOU!

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