Simple Savory Raw Soup

11.5.2016 | 23:24

From Debra’s kitchen

So, sometimes recipes create themselves.  Sort of.

Tomato_cauliflower_soup (1)

One came together nicely a couple of days ago – a very warm evening here in central NC.  Diane and I are typically the last people in our immediate neighborhood to turn on our air conditioning.  A few years living in Maine acclimated us to going without the A/C in warm weather, and we still prefer to wait until things really heat up before turning it on.

So, even though the outside temperature may hover in the low to mid 80’s, and it gets close to 80 indoors – with all the windows open – we stay reasonably comfortable.

That doesn’t mean we want a heavy hot meal for supper!

We tried a raw vegan diet a few years ago and at that time we got used to eating a lot of foods cold or at room temperature.

We tried another program – 80-10-10 – which didn’t work out too well for either of us.  BUT.  That diet has a really tasty tomato-cauliflower soup.  Yep.  Two ingredients.  Tomato and cauliflower.  Blend together in a Vitamix or Blendtec and enjoy with a salad.  Tasty.

This past weekend I was able to get some local tomatoes and cauliflower at the farmers’ market, thinking I’d be making that soup one of the next few evenings.  I also got some fresh local dill, then picked up jicama at Whole Foods.  We already had some seaweed on hand.

I was set.

Okay, it took a couple of days to eventually decide exactly which ingredients to use.  But that’s part of the fun for me.


We rounded out the meal with a small salad topped with some fermented vegetables and had some ultra-dark Equal Exchange chocolate for dessert.


(serves 2)

2 medium to large tomatoes

1 head of cauliflower

1 cup jicama, chopped

1 Tbsp dried wakame, mixed with several ounces of water

1-2 Tbsp fresh dill, chopped



Roughly chop tomatoes and cauliflower and place into high-speed blender, tomato on the bottom.  Run on high speed for approximately 30 seconds, or until fully blended, tamping as necessary.

Chop jicama into bite-sized pieces.  Chop the wakame into smaller pieces, if desired.

Use a good-sized bowl (not a little “soup” or “cereal” bowl!) – place jicama and wakame in then pour in the tomato/cauliflower mixture.  Garnish with dill.

Add other seasonings as desired.


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