No Recipe…But Delicious Food

14.4.2016 | 01:35

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Dynamic_Dolphin From Debra’s Kitchen

Yes, after moving this past weekend, I admit I haven’t tried for a new recipe this week.  I haven’t done any cooking in the new kitchen yet either, though I’ve heated up supper the past few evenings.  Breakfast tends to be a “bulletproof” beverage and lunch is a superpower smoothie, so supper is my typical time for “cooking.”

So, supper the past few evenings has either been courtesy of our nearby (yes, walkable, even) Whole Foods and a favorite restaurant from when we lived here before – Mediterranean Deli.  They have an excellent gluten-free selection, including the items Diane and I noshed on this week:  sautéed cauliflower, quinoa Mediterranean salad and spinach chickpea salad.


(If anyone cares to visit us in Chapel Hill, they’re a contender for enjoying a meal out.)

Hmm, back to my own cooking tomorrow evening….

Plus there’s been the adventure of setting up the kitchen, still a work in progress, but it’s getting there.  I’m working within the parameters I have, which includes a limited amount of counter space.

Kitchen_1 Kitchen_4

So, the stand-up desk is now doing duty as a kitchen shelf, with the dehydrator, cookbooks and a few small appliances to be kept there.

The Vitamix and electric kettle will have regular counter space, but the other appliances will get moved to and from the counter when needed.


Here are some pictures of how the kitchen looked today – with some organization still to be done.

This also feels like a fine time to announce a new feature for Letchworth Sisters Wellness:

With Diane’s help, I’ll be doing videos of food preparation and posting them on YouTube – the tentative title is “Debra’s Kitchen Rx’s.”  Not because I’ll be talking about food treating or curing disease (not just because of the legalities involved), but because I’m a recovering pharmacist and Rx just happens to be Latin for “recipe.”

I’m not sure when the first video will be completed and posted, but it will be SOON, now that I have a kitchen that doesn’t look quite like a disaster area….


  1. Jace
    April 20, 2016 | 7:09 pm

    High five on the new videos. Sounds fun.

    • daletchworth
      April 22, 2016 | 4:56 pm

      Jace — I’ll be setting up a YouTube account in the next few days. Then it’ll be time to figure out the tripod, and the kitchen layout…. Soon! Debra

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