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20.2.2016 | 01:33

Dragon Dispatches from the Divine Dragon


Now what do I do?

I finished my herbal protocol for H. Pylori last fall.

I recently completed a six-week program to heal my leaky gut.

I’ve all but run out of foods to test using NAET.  (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique)

Things still aren’t perfect….

I’ve come a long way.

I’ve walked away from my vegan diet, and reincorporated animal products.

I gained several pounds in the process….

I’ve discovered sensitivities to various foods – most of them the “healthy” foods I’ve been eating as the bulk of my diet over the past several months.

Coconut, avocado, cruciferous vegetables….


I’ve been energetically rebalanced for almost all of my potentially problematic foods.

So where do I go from here?

I’m feeling a bit lost, to tell you the truth.

I’ve run out of diets to try, and I’m through with “food religions.”

I’ve been having good luck starting my day with our version of “bulletproof-style” beverages.  I love the flavors we’ve concocted, and the creamy texture, but most of all how they satisfy me through the morning.

I’ve found a protein powder that works for me – finally! – and my lunchtime smoothie is a great way to incorporate high-fiber, low-glycemic fruit like berries into my day.  (As well as the single best method for increasing leafy greens….)

Debra and I have been in an absolute flurry of recipe creation lately, finding ways to combine smoothies with herbal elixirs to “super-power” our lunches.

I’ve increased the healthy fats in my diets, and all but eliminated sugar.  (One fruit serving per day, max.  One or two ounces of 85+% dark chocolate each day, usually containing alternative sweeteners such as stevia or erythritol.)

Dark chocolate blocks with fresh mint leaves

Dark chocolate blocks with fresh mint leaves

I’ve decreased the amount of food.

I feel better in my body, and most of my digestive symptoms have gone away, but….

I’m still not quite there.  Wherever there is.

I’m definitely in a better place than I was when I started this journey.  There is no arguing that.

And every step I’ve taken has led to improvements.

Yes, there has been some back-sliding along the way, but overall I’ve been moving forward.

And I’ve learned so much….

I’ve been so blessed to have found helpful, supportive communities.  There have been times when I’ve wanted to throw in the towel from frustration.

I’ve sometimes been discouraged, and felt defeated.

There have been times when I was really ready to give up.  I felt as though I’d tried everything and nothing was working.

Why not just quit?

I’m no different from you.

We’re all trying to make sense of all of the conflicting information out there:  Vegan?  Paleo?  Gluten-free?  Raw foods?  Superfoods?


Where the hell do we start?

I’ll tell you where.

Just pick one thing.

Just one thing that you know isn’t working.

Start there.  Change that one thing.

Add something new and different in.  Take something out.

Just make the first change.

After that?

One step at a time….

Stairway to the light. First step

First step

If one approach doesn’t work, try something else.  Don’t continue doing something that isn’t serving you.

But don’t ever stop trying.

I don’t have all the answers.  I’m not even sure I have all the answers for me.  Or for that matter, all of the right questions.  But I’ve got some damn good ideas about where to look….


  1. Vin
    February 20, 2016 | 3:52 am

    Have you had spirulina for any extended time? You know how my best heavy revvies come out of the blue… the thought appeared one day that the blue-green algae might be our oldest ancestor and may contain everything that evolved up the food chain. When you talk about eliminating problems, you can eliminate a lot more of them if you have a basic super food that replaces more reactive ones.

    • daletchworth
      February 20, 2016 | 1:14 pm

      Yes, Diane and I have used spirulina in the past and done fine with it, at least as far as sensitivity reactions (from what we can tell). It’s an excellent option and we’ll likely try it in smoothies again at some point. It certainly contains a lot of beneficial material. Thanks for sharing the “rev.” Debra

  2. Jace
    February 21, 2016 | 7:41 pm

    It’s certainly a journey for sure. Some ups and some downs. I’ve been experimenting with intermittent fasting lately and I love how I feel. I fast for 16 hrs per day. I only eat during an 8 hr window. So far so good. I got the idea from Abel James a few years back. Cheers

    • daletchworth
      February 22, 2016 | 12:01 am

      Jace — That sounds great, and if you’re feeling good, all the better. Good luck and keep us posted. Debra

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  4. Brad
    February 24, 2016 | 4:33 am

    One thing you can say for sure, you’ve learnt a great deal and experienced many approaches first hand. I guess that’s 2 things.

    Sometimes it just takes a long time to equalize out. Keep it up and manage the stress too.

    Picking 1 thing is really key for getting accurate feedback on that 1 thing.

    • daletchworth
      February 25, 2016 | 12:06 am

      Thanks, Brad. Diane’s doing amazing right now and appreciates all the support. Debra

  5. Andrea
    February 24, 2016 | 9:55 pm

    I can relate so much, I also have taken out and added things, adapted as I go. I now test negative on H.Pylori and though symptoms are much better, still a bit is not right sometimes. We are all different and what works for me does not work for you. And what works today does not work tomorrow. But we are doing better then just throwing pills on it

    • daletchworth
      February 25, 2016 | 12:15 am

      Andrea, there is so much truth in what you’re saying. We all know the most constant thing in life is change, and we’re often called upon to adapt to the changes. Good luck with your own journey, and Diane and I both agree that “what works today does not work tomorrow.” As a former pharmacist, I agree that just throwing pills at the problems doesn’t solve anything — it’s only good for treating symptoms, not causes. Thanks for the feedback. Debra

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