1.12.2015 | 13:57

Dragon Dispatches from the Divine Dragon

I just want to indulge in a little more gratitude this week if I may….

I’m grateful for my four cats:  Finn, Osiris, Murphy and Opal.


They provide me with non-stop unconditional love.

And quite a bit of entertainment when any one (or combination) is in full “freak” mode….

They also like to help me with my meditation practice.


Osiris and Murphy definitely put the “OM” into my time on the mat….

I’m also particularly grateful for all of the triumphs and challenges that have come my way this year.

They’ve actually helped me focus on what I need to do for me, and what I want to do for my clients.

There have been more than a few…”growth opportunities” this year.

In all senses of the term….

I’ve learned that I still have much to learn.

But I’ve also learned how to better listen to my body.

How to set and respect my boundaries.

How to turn my vulnerabilities into assets.

And next year I hope to learn even more.

I want to test my limits:  Find out what they are, how to surpass them, and when to honor them.

I plan to continue pushing the edges of my comfort zone, expanding it even further.

I’m going to polish the skills I’ve been learning over the past several months and continue to acquire new ones.

I intend to keep building my online community, to whom I already owe a debt of gratitude beyond measure….

I am so deeply blessed to have both a “real world” and “virtual” support network.

Best of all is when they overlap….

I’ve learned so much about myself this year — how much I’ve grown, and how much work I still have to do.

(Spoiler alert:  It’s never “complete.”  We’re still growing and learning until the day we die.  Or at least that’s the case if we’re living life to the fullest.)

So thank you for allowing me to engage in a bit more sentimental reflection.

I’m sure there will be more in the coming weeks, now that we’ve entered the final month of 2015.

I’m in a bit of a reflective mood these days….

I’ll offer my final thanks and gratitude to the Dynamic Dolphin herself — my sister Debra — for investing in me, encouraging me, and setting the bar high:

She’s testing her boundaries too, and extending the outer edges of her comfort zone.

Rest assured, we will both continue to “up our game” in the coming months….


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