Getting A Jump (Squat) on the New Year

8.12.2015 | 14:46

Dragon Dispatches from the Divine Dragon

Y’know, it’s funny —

Even when I was a kid, I always believed in starting early….

I started reading before kindergarten.  (We didn’t do preschool back in the day, at least not where I grew up.)

I used to do any weekend homework on Friday afternoon, as soon as I got home, rather than waiting until Sunday evening — or even Monday morning — like some of my friends.

So why wait until New Year’s Eve to make my resolutions?

I ordered a new workout routine to try and kick my sluggish (non-existent?) metabolism into gear.

I am not waiting until next month to get started — I’m ready NOW.

On another front, I was lucky enough to win a free blood test to detect leaky gut as a raffle prize at an event I attended several weeks ago.

I just got the results back and they’re better than I expected, but there’s definitely something going on.

So I’m not going to start the protocol this week.

But I’m not waiting until January either.

I just want to enjoy my birthday before I have to start keeping track of foods to avoid, and which supplements to take when.


I don’t mind starting before Christmas — I eat pretty clean even during the holidays — but I would like to be a bit carefree on my birthday, thank you.

Just chalk it up to my free-wheeling Sagittarian nature….

Ah, another round of printed out charts to help me keep things straight!

But it will be worth it.

I now know for certain that there is something going on, some degree of intestinal permeability.

We’re going to approach it like SIBO, and clean up the gut as well as detox the liver.

I definitely think I could use a bit of that….

So how’s that giving the new year a bit of a kick-start?

Changes in diet and exercise….


Getting a start on business plans for 2016 too….

Yeah, we’ll still be doing some of that year-end house-cleaning and de-cluttering.

That’s one of my favorite aspects of this time of year, actually.

We’ve already done a “pantry purge” and a few “closet cleanses.”

Guess it’s time for a bit of internal house-cleaning too….

I’ve been getting my psychological “house” in order too lately:

Setting boundaries.  Incorporating mindset tools.  Getting back into my meditation habit.  (With and without feline assistance.)

It’s funny:

Just this past weekend, I was feeling really frustrated and discouraged, almost demoralized.

But now, I’m feeling brighter and more optimistic again.

I’ve still got a few things I haven’t tried.

I’ve got a plan of action.

I’ve got a support network in place.

I’ve got momentum on my side,

Why the hell would I want to wait for an arbitrary date on a calendar?!

I’m ready to GO!


Oh sure, I’ll be starting some new things next month.

But I’ll be starting new things all year long.

That’s the way I work.

And some things are indeed coming to an end this month.

Including my leaky gut, if I’ve got anything to say about it….

(photos courtesy of Alexandra Jamieson)

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