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Of (Food) Rules and Responsibility

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Here at D-Squared Wellness, we have two rules when it comes to food:

  • Ditch the processed junk.
  • Eat real, whole food.

No “diet dogma”; no “food religion.”


One of the most useful things I’ve learned in my nutrition education – from Cynthia Pasquella, Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo, Alex Jamieson (among others) – is how unique each one of us is.

It’s called bio-individuality.  That’s a big word, and it’s kind of a big subject.  Although it’s really quite simple when you boil it down to its essence.

Which is this:

There is no one single diet which is right for everyone.


Some folks do great on a raw vegan diet.  Others thrive on Paleo.  The key to figuring out what diet is right for you is….

Well, it’s you.

That’s right.  I can’t give you that answer.

I can only help you find it.

As one of Dr. Ritamarie’s Nutritional Endocrinology students, I’m learning how to help clients get to the root cause of their health challenges.

I’m learning how to take a health history, give assessments, and offer advice on which lab tests might most benefit my clients.


I’m learning which tell-tale symptoms are most likely to indicate what imbalance, deficiency, etc.

But here’s the thing:

None of that means anything without personal responsibility.

If you won’t take responsibility for your health and well-being, I’m probably not going to be much help to you.

I don’t have simple answers.

I don’t have magic bullets.


And if you’re not tuned into your own body, I don’t have diet advice for you.

Oh, I’ve got lots of advice I can offer you.  But if you’re not willing to explore how particular foods make you feel…well, frankly, that advice might not help you very much.

It might even make your condition or symptoms worse.

Even if I recommend “healthy” foods.

Because those foods might not be healthy for you.

For instance, I love cruciferous vegetables.  I’ve actually been known to crave steamed cabbage or Brussels sprouts.


But at this particular time, my gut won’t tolerate them.

I still believe they’re among the healthiest foods on the planet.

But not for me, not now.

I can’t tune in to how you feel when you eat something.

I can have you complete a food diary; I can have you fill out a digestive assessment.

But I can’t do it for you.

I’m not your mother.  I’m not the food police.


I can’t take your journey for you.

But I can take it with you.  I can help guide you through the minefield of our crazy industrial food system.

I want to help you.

But you’ve got to help me.

I will meet you where you are.  But you’ve got to meet me halfway….


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