6.10.2015 | 01:21

Out With the Old, In With…What?

Dragon  Dispatches from the Divine Dragon

So many things are beginning, ending, growing, changing!

I guess one of the biggest changes this week was finishing my herbal gut healing protocol.

After sixty days, it seems so strange not drinking three (or more) herbal elixirs every day.  I had to make sure I put all of the bottles somewhere out of sight so I wouldn’t repeat the habitual behavior!

It’s also weird not having to “schedule” meals around the elixir timetable….

But the good part is that I feel much better.

Everything isn’t “perfect,” but this is only the first part of the process.  I still need to (slowly) reintroduce foods that haven’t been allowed during this phase.

It’s hard sometimes not to get impatient — it’s been two months already! — but I keep reminding myself that my current gut “dysbiosis” has been fifty years in the making….

Human body and alimentary canal with cartoon germs

It isn’t going to be fixed in fifty days.

Everyone wants a quick fix, a “magic bullet.”

It’s funny:  We abuse ourselves for decades, even a lifetime, and when we’re paying the price of deteriorating health and degenerative disease, we want someone to tell us what to do to repair the damage.


I’m luckier than most.

I woke up to the dangers and harm of the heavily processed, nutrient-deficient “Standard American Diet” earlier than most.

But that doesn’t make me immune to the occasional (or more frequent) indulgence.  (I have a particular weakness for 85+% dark chocolate….)

My diet isn’t perfect.  Not even for me.  I’m still finding my way through all of the confusion and contradictions.

(Is there even such a thing as a “perfect diet”?  I don’t think so.  Not in general, anyway.)

Nothing is “one size fits all.”

Have you ever looked at those shirts and dresses marketed toward women as “one size fits most”?  Let’s just say that apparently I don’t qualify as “most.”  I occasionally have to shop for shirts in the girls’ department….

But I digress.

There is no “perfect diet.”

There is no “magic bullet.”

Everything depends on the individual.

That’s why I don’t have a “do this, not that” approach in my coaching practice.

What works for me may not work for you.  Or vice versa.

But there are a couple of guidelines we can all follow:

Minimize the packaged, processed junk.  (Even the organic stuff.  and the raw vegan or Paleo — sure, you can rely on these things when traveling, say, or as an occasional treat.  But they’re not going to comprise a healthy diet.)

Eat real, whole food.

Everything else will depend on you.

What makes you feel great?  Eat that.

What makes you feel terrible?  Don’t eat that.  (Even if everyone tells you it’s the most wonderful superfood in the world.  If it doesn’t make you feel super, it might not be serving you.)


Yep, I hate to tell you.

You’re gonna have to work.  Just like I’m working.  But remember, even though I don’t have all of the answers, I’m here to help you along the way….  (I do have resources!)

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