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Gluten Responsible for Global Warming!!

I know, I know.  It seems as though gluten is getting blamed for all of our ills these days.

Here’s the thing:  I’ve been gluten-free for a good fifteen years now; well, wheat-free at first, but gluten-free for a long time.  I removed gluten from my diet, which greatly improved my digestion, and have never regretted it.

I’m a Certified Gluten Practitioner, trained by Dr. Tom O’Bryan himself.

But do I believe that gluten is the cause of every health problem out there?  Not necessarily.

The trouble is that gluten is, for a great many people, an extremely inflammatory food.  Over time, depending on a person’s genetics, environmental triggers, etc., it can easily lead to a myriad of autoimmune conditions.

That doesn’t mean that gluten causes every single one of those autoimmune conditions.

It just means that it could.  The potential is certainly there.

As one of Dr. O’Bryan’s CGP’s, I feel as though I have to walk a fine line.

I need to make sure that, if someone comes to me with a variety of symptoms, and they’re not getting the help they need, I can help them get to the root cause.

That root cause might indeed be gluten.

Or it might not.

I can’t make that assumption.

But there are clues I can explore.

Does this person have a family history of Celiac Disease?  Is there a family history of autoimmune problems?  Do they feel better when they eliminate gluten from their diet?

Not everyone wants to be tested.  Not everyone has the financial resources to get tested.

I can’t hypocritically recommend that everyone get tested for Celiac Disease:  I haven’t been tested myself, and I’m not exposing myself to gluten just to find out.  So I’m in no position to force someone else.

But anyone can easily try an elimination diet.  It might not convince them, but it’s a start.

For me, it’s like this:  I want to help people who really need or want my help.

But I’m not your mother.  I can’t tell you what to eat.  (Or what not to eat.)  If you’re paying me to coach you, I will give you my best recommendations, but I can’t force you to follow them.

That’s your responsibility.

I’ve read Alan Levinovitz’s book, The Gluten Lie.  I don’t fully agree with his conclusions on gluten or sugar — we don’t need either of these in our diet to be healthy, and overall I believe they do more harm than good — but I’m with him on salt and fat.  We do need those to be healthy, in reasonable amounts.  (Which will vary from individual to individual.)

I’m glad I read the book, though, because Levinovitz makes some very good points about how we all fall prey to trusting experts and “celebrity docs” who may or may not have our best interests as their primary focus.

A book like this reminds me to keep bio-individuality in mind when working with clients.

The book’s worth reading, and seriously thinking about, in spite of its inflammatory title.

So…speaking of inflammatory titles, what about that “global warming” thing?

Well, do you realize that large-scale mono-cropping of grains can be more devastating to the environment than sustainably grown and produced animal products?  I’ve been reading a lot about this subject lately, and there’s a lot of evidence pointing to conventional agricultural techniques — and even “industrial organic” ones — as large wasters of non-renewable resources and destroyers of ecosystems.

What do you know?

Maybe gluten really is partially responsible for global warming….

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