1.9.2015 | 13:07

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“She” Did It!

I know I mentioned Alex Jamieson’s mentorship program just a couple of articles ago, but I have to give the lady another shout-out this week.

Alex has been helping me get in tune with my body, and really listen to what “she” wants.

On last week’s group call, Alex led us through a “Yes/No” exercise where we learned how to listen to our body’s signals, or intuition.

I got a very strong “Yes” sensation when I focused on one of my cats, and an even stronger “No” sensation when I thought about a recent political issue that made me very unhappy, even angry.

The night before I was going to attempt my first-ever three-day fast — the same night as the aforementioned call — I did this exercise again.

I got a very clear “Yes” response.

My body was ready:  “she” wanted to do this.

I’d already successfully completed two one-day fasts.  My herbal and “luxury” elixirs from my gut-healing program provided so much nutritional sustenance that I was never really that hungry.

But three days?

This was new territory, and it wasn’t just over the border surrounding my comfort zone.

It was on another continent, maybe even another world….

But “she” told me she could do this; she was strong enough, and she wanted this.

She knew it could really help my healing process and jump-start my sputtering metabolism.

My body needed a reboot, and she told me she was ready.  We had the “crutch” of the elixirs, and the support of the mentorship group (and Alex) and the gut healing group.

I really wanted to try this, to test myself, and my beautiful, strong, incredible and amazing body reassured me tht I could.

And I — she — we did it.

I trusted her, and she delivered.  More than I even imagined….

I don’t know if I could have done without those elixirs, but at least now I know I have the strength and the courage to attempt it someday.

There were moments of hunger, but neither as many nor as uncomfortable as I expected.  No light-headedness or dizziness, no wild fluctuations in blood sugar — and, most amazingly, no constipation!

But more important (at least to me) were the quiet moments of meditation, where I tapped in to “her” strength and wisdom.

She kept reassuring me, throughout the process, that everything was fine, that “she” needed this, that I needed this….

The clearest message I got, though, was that she wanted to do this for me.

My body’s innate intelligence knew how frustrated and discouraged I had been by the weight gain and consequent lack of weight loss, by the chronic digestive symptoms that seemed intractable…all of it.

And she wanted to gift me with us, to show me how strong “we” are….

I found the process to be physically, emotionally and spiritually healing.  It was a cleansing on so very many levels.

I am so grateful to Steph Jackson and her Core Reset group.  I’m equally grateful to Alex Jamieson and her Vitality Membership program.

But more than anyone, I am so humbly, deeply grateful to my own brave and wise body.

I couldn’t have done this without her.

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  1. Steph
    September 2, 2015 | 5:06 am

    im so excited that this was a positive experience for your body and that you felt uplifted. It can be so freeing for me to know that I can skip food for a couple of days and can still function and the world doesn’t crumble. I hope this gives you and your gentle supportive body a well deserved rest. You fully rocked it!!!!

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