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Cosmic Tough Love

There’s crazy, and then there’s crazy.

“Bats**t psycho crazy.”  You know the kind I mean.  Even if you think you don’t, you do.

I knew things would be busy last week.  For instance, just on Wednesday, I had a chiropractic appointment scheduled in the morning, a call for my mentorship program (I’m the student, not the mentor) at lunchtime, and a live radio interview around suppertime.

And that was how the day looked before I tripped over the cord to the land-line telephone Tuesday evening….

Let me back up just a bit:

The previous weekend, we rearranged our office space.  Sharing an office is fine, in theory, but if I want to pursue podcasting, I need a space with a door I can close….

A space where no one else will receive a poorly timed telephone call….

A space that does not contain the cats’ drinking fountain….

In short, I needed my own private space.  No problem:  a little shifting of furniture, some rearranging of books, binders and bins.  A new place for the cats’ feeding station….

And the ability to plug in the aforementioned land-line, so my various calls and interviews don’t disrupt the household.

Sounds perfect, right?

Well, there’s a very good reason why my middle name isn’t “Grace.”

Cue the klutz.  Exit, stage left….

To promptly trip over the cord of that recently set up land-line phone.

I even noticed that my foot had caught.  HA!  I thought, raising my food just a little bit….

Apparently, the cord was caught up somehow with the shoe.  I didn’t feel anything there, thought I was free and clear, and —

WHAM!  I felt my foot catch, had a fraction of a second to realize I wasn’t free and clear after all, and hit the floor.

The uncarpeted floor.  Right on my knees.  OW!!

The phone also crashed to the floor…the day before my big interview….  Oh boy.

I immediately started doing Reiki, while still sitting on the floor crying.  My sister joined me, adding her high-powered Reiki to the mix.

As soon as I started feeling a little better, I asked her to make sure the phone was undamaged.  I live in the mountains, and did NOT want to have to depend on my crappy-at-the-best-of-times cell phone reception for the next day’s interview.  We still had a dial tone.  (There’s a loose piece rattling around inside now, but it’s working just fine.  Whew!)

As soon as I could get up, I hobbled to the shelf for my go-to encyclopedia of essential oils.  I asked Debra to do the mixing because there was gonna be squatting and standing involved to gather and measure ingredients.

By the time I got out of a hot shower, the pain was negligible, and the instant bruises had all but disappeared.  Applying the aromatherapy blend assured me of a pretty decent night’s sleep, all things considered.

Did I mention the exquisitely timed chiropractic appointment the following morning?  Yeah, I so knew I wasn’t gonna cancel that one….

The doctor was very impressed by the near absence of bruising or swelling, and tweaked me about not being fully “mindful.”  He added a little energy work of his own, as well as the chiro.

It didn’t even hurt to lie face-down on the table….

Sometimes the Universe tells you it’s time to slow down a bit.

Sometimes you’ve got a lot going on, and can’t slow down just yet…but you will, just as soon as you finish x, y and z.

The Universe nudges you.

“Yeah, yeah,” you (unwisely) tell the Universe.  “Just let me take care of this one little thing.”

The Universe waits patiently, as “one little thing” turns into an ever-growing “to-do” list, with self-care somewhere at or near the bottom.

The Universe is infinitely patient, but even It gets tired of waiting.

And waiting.

And waiting.

It picks up a two-by-four.  You notice out of the corner of your eye, and nod, a bit nervously:  “Yeah, yeah; almost there….”

You keep glancing anxiously over your shoulder while the Universe innocently checks Its fingernails, or brushes imaginary Cosmic lint off of Its lapels, the two-by-four never far out of reach.

You get distracted by something shiny and new, something that requires your immediate attention and shoots to the top spot on your list.

And the Universe steps forward calmly, expressionlessly —

And smacks you right upside your stupid, thick head — or tender knees — with that two-by-four.

You now have a couple of days where self-care rises to the highest priority spot on your “to-do” list.

And if you have any sense, you enjoy it.  Because the Universe is always there, and always ready to wield its own Cosmic version of “tough love.”…

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