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Vulnerability –> Strength

This is really a sequel to my last post, since it grew organically out of the various responses I received, not to mention the spectacular timing of some clear messages from the Universe.

As regular readers will know, my last article addressed my painful reaction to the post of one of my Facebook friends.

Well, I am grateful to report that, among other responses, that friend reached out to me — openly and sincerely.  I explained my reasoning for not simply engaging in a personal exchange — mainly because I believe the issue I addressed goes far beyond a disagreement between two people over what constitutes an ethical diet and/or lifestyle.

She accepted that, and appreciated my detailed explanation regarding my thought process.

She reached out to me in kindness, and we “agreed to disagree” on the details.  And we are still friends, and respectful of one another’s personal views.

I’m very grateful to her for reaching out, and I’m glad I posted the article.

Especially since I almost didn’t.

Pre-publication, I sent a draft to a trust soul-sister for feedback.  Should I or shouldn’t I?  Is it too inflammatory?

My “common law sister” said it needed to be said.  (And she’s one of those “bury the body” friends.  Yeah, you know what I mean….  If you’re lucky, you’ve got a couple of those yourself.)

I also received a lot of feedback from other women struggling with the same damaged health fallout from their previous “healthy” diets.

But the really amazing thing about the past few days concerns the other messages I received from the Universe….

A well-timed video, courtesy of Marie Forleo’s “Marie TV,” regarding how to “smarten up,” not “toughen up,” if you’re highly senstive.

Um, you know, like I obviously am…. *cough*

A few folks weighed in on how they missed my usual positivity, or that they couldn’t believe I actually let someone else’s “insecurities” or “meanness” get to me.

One (thank you, Julia) reminded me of one of my favorite quotes, from the incomparable Dr. Seuss:  “Those who matter don’t mind.  And those who mind don’t matter.”  How true.

Another sassy lady (thank you, Helena) posted a link to Taylor Swift’s video “Shake It Off.”  That made my day — it made me laugh, and almost cry.  Because I “got it.”

So, again, let me repeat:  I don’t regret posting such a raw, emotionally vulnerable blog article.  Indeed, if I had chosen to “protect” myself, I’d have missed an incredible opportunity to learn and grow.

And I’ve learned a lot from this experience….

I do want to be a positive force for change in the world, but I can’t — and, indeed, won’t — promise that every post will always be upbeat.  Sometimes we need to own up to and share what’s not going well for us.

I think the key lesson — more of a reminder, really, because I’ve encountered it before — is this:   Whether it’s a close friend or a total stranger, what someone else thinks of us is, frankly, none of our business.

That’s right, my friends.  We cannot control what others think of us, and not everyone is going to like us, or support us, or agree with what we say.

And I have no wish to lose my gift of sensitivity, but I can “smarten up.”

In the meantime, while I’m practicing that skill, I’m just gonna “shake it off.”

(With my heartfelt love, gratitude and appreciation to all those who weighed in on my last post.  You know who you are….)


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  1. Cherie
    July 6, 2015 | 5:30 pm

    Great post! I’m so happy for you that it turned out so well! I also needed to hear this to help me get over some of my insecurities about starting my blog. Thank you!

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